We offer Revolving Unsecured Working Capital Credit Lines for start-up businesses as well as established businesses. Our program is based on 100% Stated Income, Projected Sales, and No Collateral. The cornerstone for our company is based on Excellent Personal Credit, which we would require for you, a partner, or co-signor to have roughly a credit score of around a 680 or higher (If you have a score below 710, we still can help you, but it will depend on what the derogatory on the credit report is). 

If you do have good credit then I can get you pre-qualified from 25,000 to 120,000 plus in Unsecured Revolving Business Credit Lines. 
As far as rates go,They are usually 0% from anywhere from 6-18 months, sometime 1.99% for 24 months. Depends on what lenders we end up using for the client. A good rule of thumb is 0% for 12 months on most lines that can readjust in range a of  9.24 - 20.99 % afterwards.  
Thank you for your interest in our Business Credit Program. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

Please REMEMBER that our program is not a one time Credit Transaction.  We help you attain the initial working capital your Business needs to grow and consults with you to build your business credit and prepare for the future. 
As far as term loans, we just need income verification from the client which would be two years of taxes if the applicant is self-employed, or if employed, the last w2 and last two pay stubs.
We can provide 5 or 7 year term loans as low as 6%.
To get started on the right foot it is important for you to fully understand how our process works. By going to http://www.creditchecktotal.com/ website or and signing up for the credit report (Credit Check Total offers a credit report for 1 dollar for a special introduction price) we will be able to qualify you for our program or advise you why you are not eligible at this time. Once we have been able to review your credit report then I will give you a call to go over with you in great detail what we can offer you and your company.  Please forward this message to all investors in your network.